Shaving fun.

A couple of weeks ago I met my father and his wife in Marysville.  We had a lovely lunch at The Brick Coffeehouse Cafe. Everything was fresh and delicious and the small town, Main Street atmosphere was appealing.  

We strolled through the antique shops on this blistering hot day and I found this little vintage treasure.  It is a hand painted, Japanese porcelain, razor bank.  After the straight edge razor and before the advent of the disposable razor, the "safety razor" was invented.  The safety razor was patented in 1878.  

Razor banks, like this one, were mounted on the wall where the gentleman would shave and just like a coin bank, there is a little hole in the top to deposit  used razor blades. Hand painted varieties, like this one, with interesting subject matter are very collectible.  This one sold for $76.