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What's new this week at MARQUIS ETC?

MARQUIS ETC has a wide selection of antique depression glass. Depression glass brought a little sunshine into the United States during the dreary 1920's thru 40s. It was first included in a box of Quaker Oats cereal as an incentive for customers to purchase the food. It soon caught on and was given away with trips to the theaters, gas station, grocery store, and other businesses.

Come see what’s new this week at MARQUIS ETC.

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Vintage Juliana Jewelry - Come see what's new this week - August 23, 2019


MARQUIS ETC Summer Sale goes thru August 31st, 2019. 20% Off Storewide!

DeLizza & Elster's JULIANA line of jewelry is highly collectible and you can see why!! Come see what's new this week at MARQUIS ETC.

Delizza and Elster started making jewelry in 1947 and continued until 1990. D&E used unusual and interesting art glass stones mixed with high quality rhinestones in most of their designs. Juliana was a line of jewelry produced by D&E. This high quality sparkling jewelry was only marked with a JULIANA paper hangtag. Most of these hangtags have been removed over the years, so D&E Juliana jewelry is determined mainly by style, construction, and design techniques. D&E Juliana jewelry is some of the most highly sought after pieces by vintage costume jewelry collectors.

Cup of Tea?

MARQUIS ETC has a wonderful selection of tea cups and saucers. This is how tea should be served. In a thin, vintage, English bone china cup. Mix and match a selection for your next tea party. Come see what’s new this week at MARQUIS ETC.

A Rare Slice of History


VERY RARE, 1880s, Bullion Exchange Bank Ledger from Carson City, Nevada with nearly 1000 pages of entries. This is an amazing slice of Gold/Silver/Banking history from the Bullion Exchange Bank in Carson City, Nevada. The handwriting is absolutely amazing and the book is 1000 pages and 997 of them are filled out in this stunning calligraphy. So lots and lots of pages which I am assuming may have some famous names and companies written on them if someone were diligent in searching through them. I believe the same individual did all the writing in the book as it is all remarkable. The ledger dates from September 6, 1888 till November 6, 1889. Book itself was produced by Le Count Bros. out of San Francisco, California. They were stationers, lithographers and printers. Book is very legible and easy to read. It is GIGANTIC and VERY HEAVY. It measures 18 by 13 inches and is 4 inches thick. It weighs a whopping 25 lbs. This is a VERY RARE slice of Gold Rush and Silver mining history in Nevada. Available in my ebay store now. Click here to view.

A Small Slice of Aviation History


VERY RARE, 1933, Chicago World's Fair, pocket watch fob or medal. This fob/medal is extremely rare. The only one I can find online anywhere is in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. One side shows Italo Balbo and the other side shows the Savoia-Marchetti S-55x aircraft. The Savoia-Marchetti S-55x was introduced in 1926 and retired in 1945. The fob measures 1.25 inches in diameter. Very rare piece of Aviation history depicting the voyage from Italy to the Chicago World's Fair, Century of Progress Exposition in 1933. I found the following information online:

In 1933 General Italo Balbo led an armada of 24 Italian hydroplanes from Rome to the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago. It was billed as the “Crociera del Decennale” (i.e. 10th anniversary voyage in English) commemorating 10 years of fascist rule in Italy. This medal was one of several struck to commemorate the flight. Chicago renamed the former 7th Street “Balbo Drive” and staged a great parade in his honor. The Italian Exhibit building was designed in the shape of a giant airplane to tie into the armada flight theme.

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Good Luck Charms


This little good luck charm is a Victorian, Charivari charm.  It is made out of 800 Silver and a stag antler.  When Austrian men would wear their lederhosen they would wear a charm chain across the front and on that chain would be items like this little Stag Horn charm. These talismans would bring good luck on the hunt.  This antique beauty is available now on my ebay site. Click here to view. 

For my Sweetheart


A piece of jewelry with a history.  Wonderful, Vintage, World War II, Trench Art, UK 3 Pence Coin, Slide Locket, Sweetheart Pendant.  A soldier, in the trenches, made this lovely little locket for his Sweetheart at home.  Many different trench art pieces were made by soldiers out of items they had on hand.  This locket slides open and has a 3 pence coin on both sides.  A little love sent home from a Soldier to his Sweetheart. Available in my ebay store.  Click here to view.

Auburn Co op


This wonderful Auburn event features something for every member of your family and is a great way to support your community and meet up with your friends.  The event features artisans handcrafted wares, gourmet food and drinks from local brewers, distilleries, and farmers, family fun including rock climbing and skate parks, live music and entertainment, and enjoy a stroll through the shops in Old Town.

Co-op is located in Old Town Auburn the 1st Thursday of each month June thru September, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Woof Woof


This little boy is a vintage, Hubley, Cast Iron, Boxer dog.  He is number 307, a large, doorstop size, and very rare.  The Hubley Manufacturing Co., out of Lancaster, PA produced this vintage beauty in the 1930s.  They started making cast iron toys in 1894.  These were made and painted by hand.  He is quieter than most dogs and doesn't eat as much.  This vintage Hubley doorstop is available on my ebay site. Click here to view.